God everything is so overwhelming. I have so many different in depth worlds in my mind and I dont know what to believe and what to think. It drives me insane. And whats worse is i know no one will ever get to see these worlds or even really understand me. It fucking hurts so bad not being able to make a stable genuine connection. Everyone lies so much, even me i know, but still it feels like i wont ever truly know anyone. I cant even vent to anyone because im so different around people. Im always happy to see my friends though and i love them , but its alaways temporary and feels so surface level. It so fucking lonely at the end of the day.Im trying so hard not to give into my mental health problems again, but its hard. I finally have friends, i am happy, but theres just so much of other things. Its so overwhelming, i wish something would make it stop. Give me a little bit of clarity. Please, I am begging. I want to escape this god damn flesh prison .

1 year ago

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