I’ve been cutting myself since I was 12 years old. My parents have seen the cuts yet they never do anything to help me. I’ve always felt like they never cared about me but it feel like the care less and less every day. They’ve mentioned it a couple time’s but they never sounded caring or concerned about it and they never tried to stop me. I’ve came very close to taking my own life multiple times and the only thing stopping me now is that my mum is pregnant and I want to make sure that my little sister grows up with someone she can talk to because her parents won’t do shit. This may seem off topic but I want to talk a bit more about my parents. They’re both a little racist but not necessarily when it comes to actually people but my (white) dad says the n word even though he knows that it upsets me and they both use racist words for shop names and will imitate a Chinese accent whenever we get a Chinese take away. Another thing is that I’m a closeted bisexual and am scared to come out because I don’t know how they’ll react. My dad said that he wouldn’t care if I was lesbian but he only knows about gay, lesbian and transgender. My mum has never said anything about sexuality to me. I feel completely alone and I don’t know what to do. I just want to be myself but I don’t know who that is anymore.

2 years ago

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