I have literally no friends. I feel so isolated and stuck. I just got married. I'm literally only 18 and only got married because I felt I had to. My family is very against sex before marriage and I did it with the guy and so I felt I had no choice. He proposed and he's 20 and he likes to touch and grope me and I know he doesn't mean any harm but I feel taken advantage of and so lonely. And there's nothing I can do to get myself out if this situation without loosing what few people I have. My parents would disown me and my extended family hates me and if I left the guy his whole family would hate me and as mentioned before I have no real friends. What friends I do have are technically his. Now I'm literally hiding in a closet at 5 in the morning sobbing and wanting to die. I feel so alone and I have nowhere to go to and I feel so stuck and I know it's all my fault.

2 years ago

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