I owed some money to my friend. When I requested for some more time to return the loan being jobless, he just joking told if allowed to fuck my wife he may waive off the money in exchange of sex with her. Though I really was taken back, I thought off the same which gave me an unknown excitement. I simply asked are you serious ? He said if you are comfortable he stands by his word. I said it can be arranged. My wife is not a heavy drinker but on occasions would take one or two. One Saturday evening I told my wife that one of my friends would be for dinner and that the food and wine shall be ordered for delivery at home. I informed my friend that he could enjoy my wife that night and invited him. I ensured that wife was served with sedated wine and just after two glasses she was just dead meat. We took her to the bedroom and removed her clothes. She was not registering anything and was just murmuring something. My friend felt shy enough to fuck her while I was watching. I told him I too shall give a company and we both fucked her in all ways through out the night.

2 years ago

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