My fiance (M, 21) and myself (F, 21) have been together for just about 2 years, we just recently had a baby together and life is alright. I love my fiance with my whole heart, we have had a pretty rocky past, he is not perfect but neither am I.... My mother doesnt like my fiance or his parents for many reasons and it is what it is I guess... I struggle with it though, because she is always having conversations with me about him and alot of the time it makes me feel like I have to choose between her and him... that is not her intention at all but it feels horrible and my fiance doesnt like my mom either because of what she thinks of him and how she treats me... My mom means the absolute world to me as well as my fiance... my mom has helped me through so much when my dad left the family and I went through some really hard stuff and she was always there for me... That is why this kills me so much. What should I do?

1 year ago

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