life has been so sucky lately i have like literally only 2 friends and i feel like i can't even talk to them even tho i'm really close to one of them (i'll call her J) i'm having these issues i've been making myself throw up my food i literally just started last night and this morning blood came up not a lot but it was saliva mixed with blood and i got scared so i stopped. i feel so alone i hate everything about myself but i feel selfish because i have a decent life i have family that cares about me and other people have it worse than me but i can't talk to anyone about my issues and it sucks earlier, i texted J and here's the conversation me: hey i have a question 4:11PM J- what's up? 4:18 PM me: do you want to go to this thing with me? it's all free so we don't hafta waste money lol *attached one picture* 4:20 PM she hasn't answered since and she's the person i'm closest to and i'm scared we're going to drift if we drift idk what i'll do like i don't want to be weird or clingy but i tell her almost everything (besides sh and throwing up) and i feel like i'm going crazy idk what to do i need help but my mother won't get me a therapist and i'm so lost right now i feel sick

2 years ago

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