My brother and my dog died in a car accident and I was driving a fing Fournier hit the side of my jeep i had always believed in God as I was raised catholic i was told he would help when you needed it most i would like to tell everyone to stop wasting their time god is not what you think my brother never hurt anyone and my dog was perfect but instead of just taking them like he made them hurt my dog dufferd and I could not help I woke up in that jeep to see my dog in a ditch but the fing sandn!!!er and his w!!re were highfiveing each other so I just want to say God is a piece of shit who protects foreign people more then a country's native people I wish everyone could fucking stay where they belong and fuck off out of my country if you think God sent his son to die for your sins you must be stupid if can't see our God is a chicken and sent his son to save his ass I don't know about you but I have never hread of Satan doing that to his son if he has one so f!!k you god and may you one day burn in hell where you belong and to everybody else stay in your own fuc!!!g country that is where you beloved God put so fuc!!!g stay there !

2 years ago

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