On Atom and Eve in the Garden of Eden, When the alternative is eternity, the fall into shadow is inevitable. At an atomic level protons are Father's Light of the forceful Yang aspect, which gives a rib of itself to the birthing process of Yin Mother Matter of the 'Eve'ning in the balance of electrons that create material existence. The ability to see the Love of God in its true aspect of creation requires darkness to behold the Light in creating the material plane. The Devil is the wolf in the dogma of the false church, who through its prophets' robes introduced hatred against Mother in its existence as the deceiver. It has taken power away from creative potential in our role as children of God by demonizing our ability to Love the mortal aspects of our spiritual journey in their honesty and truth. The role of humans is to create Heaven on Earth by learning how to hold Love in our heart, as a loving heart holds the same light of God's Love shining outwards through the shadow within flesh. Sin is the embodiment of persecution, hatred, and rape of other humans which diminishes their soul. There are many ways that God has blessed humanity with miraculous ability, ie magic. Hating the ability is to destroy the spiritual connection to creation that is God, throwing away the key to our soul's life. The feminine form has been oppressed by false translations of Father's will that has resulted in domestic abuse across the planet, as women are more connected to the creative process by their nature as birthgivers. The toxic patriarchy is the deceiver that used hatred, pride, and ego to make men have superiority complexes in the name of the Lord. The purpose is not to lord over any, but to learn that the truest way to create God's Love is by loving the creation we coexist within. Afterlife is widely misunderstood, and the Kingdom of Heaven is created first within our Heart's ability to be in loving service to others stuck in suffering through the Hell that is created by humans sinning against humans, the pollution in Eden. Demons are entities that deceive our thought, mind, and ego. They convince us that it is alright to steal from others, rape others, and hurt others....and it uses the name of religion to do it relentlessly in our hypocrisy. Jesus asked us to love our neighbor and leave the judgment to God, letting he without sin cast the first stone. The stones being cast have turned people away from the Word of God, because of perversions in the authority of the priesthood that abide by pedophilia while persecuting others. Follow the words of Jesus, not of false priests. Look for the voice of God in the magic of daily life and you will see blessings abundantly. Learn how to be a Man of God not because you follow a book but because you follow the Light inside your heart, seeing through the lies of the deceiver; he works through the programming of society in your thoughts and through the tongue and fists of others. Do not give into your demons when they tell you to be hateful, remake yourself with love for your Yang and Yin aspects by making peace with the darkness of the world as you ground in your Heart's Light shining through it across any evil lurking in the shadows. When you see the evil for what it is, the darkness will no longer be seen falsely as evil because of the things that went bump in the night.

3 years ago

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