I got fucking cheated on by now called ex boyfriend. I dont understand why I gave him everything and treated him like the world, but he now claims that I made him feel like shit and didn't even care about us. I know that in a relationship it is not one side vs the other its a combined effort. I know that i did wrong in some spots and I know he did wrong in some spots to. It just hurts me now to know that he said I treated him like nothing and treated him like I didn't care. When I gave up family vacations, took time off work, and stopped hanging out with my own friends just to be with him. I am honestly broken and I dont know what to do anymore I just want to be loved in all honesty. I feel like now a days every guy I talk to just wants sex and im not down for that. I feel like ill never be loved again if im being honest.

1 year ago

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