Hey, the story is about the girl from school who taught me everything about sex that I know today. I was very young back then, maybe 9 or 10 and she was nearly 14. I was playing with my friend after school on the playground then my friends sister showed up to take him home with her, while I was saying goodbyes to let’s call him Matt, his big sister asked me if I didn’t want to come over, since Matt and I were very good friends I said yes and I came home with them. Since Matt’s parents were very strict about education he had to do all the homework after he came, so I and let’s call her Julie were left alone, while Matt was doing his school work Julie showed me around the house, then we entered her room, and this is when things gone very sexual, she asked me if I kissed a girl, I said no. Did you ever seen a girl naked? She said, blushing I said no, I was telling the truth since I wasn’t interested in that kind of stuff back then. Then she did something that changed my mind and look on women, she jumped on me, me between her legs, I couldn’t resist since I was very little and didn’t been in a fight before. She started taking my shirt off then my pants with the underwear, I tried covering my self but she pinned me down. When I got tired if fighting back she started stripping herself, revealing her Beautiful black body and tits, she took her leggings off and started to grind on my little dick back then it was only about 4 inches hard, she did it through her panties i could feel she was horny, because her panties were already wet. She grinded until my cock against my will got hard, then she pulled her panties aside, took my little dick in her hand placed it on her cunny and sat down on it,taking my virginity away. God i wanted to scream from pleasure not pain or embarrassment, to this day i can remember her tightness, I could see her black skinned body moving up and down on my white little cock. She then kissed me for so long until she achieved her orgasm, then she pulled out and let me go, since I was very young I couldn’t produce sperm. She said if I told anyone she will do it to me endlessly, but today I wished she did that to me. We fucked a few times more and did wicked things but When I was 15 the contact between matt, Julie and ended, they moved to another country and I didn’t ever seen them again ever. Now im 27, And I’m very sexually active every woman I am in bed now is going through very strong orgasm, even had a married milf who I fucked, she was lactating lol. And that’s all, Julie if you read this it’s me, “Zeji” you’ve Rode so much.

1 year ago

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