how one of my uncles saw a pretty disturbing video i did, by accident + its pretty bad result to me

a few months ago, one of my uncles called me and asked if i have anymore medications which are the abilify 5 miligrams and the vitamin d capsules. i told him i was done with the abilify. but i still have the vitamin d cuz my older sister wanted to see how i behave without it. he also asked me "do you have any rashes?" and i was like i think i have some on my legs(that's all i could remember). he said he will come to my house(the following day). The following day my uncle came and after a little while, he showed a video to my older siblings of me in the bathroom praying while he accidentally showing off my penis on instagram live, leading to my older siblings to be disapointed, in which they told me to deactivate my facebook and instagram accounts eventually, for them and my uncle to talk to me about that whole incident and my older siblings talking to me about it some more..i know they talk to much especially about this issue, somedays back (on a saturday in 2021(this year)) i dead wonder what a video of myself in the bathroom praying while accidentally showing my penis on instagram live has to do with if i have anymore medications or rashes. it kinda sorta doesn't make sense but oh well. them and their little motherfucking fatherfucking dumbasses about this situation. but again oh well. by the way my uncle got the video from his close friend uncle frank boateng and when i was recording the video at first i had no idea my penis was sticking out. i'll never do that again. leave your comments below if possible

1 year ago

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