Recently my sister told my family that I was bisexual and transgender, i told her NOT to tell anyone but then she told me they accepted me I know I should be happy right?, But I'm not I did tell my dad I was bisexual he said "I love you for whoever you wanna be." I know mostly every Lbgtq+ person wants to be accepted and I know that should make you happy or cry from relief but I just wanted to go far away and not say anything but me having future moving plans or my sexuality ,Gender, I am a bit relieved that they accept me but I also hate it at the same time I just wanted to be known as the "girl.." who just has a pretty face and who's on the phone all the time. not the openly "gay" granddaughter of "GRANDFATHERS NAME" he's homophobic and I don't care. I really don't care if someone's homophobic or gay I'm not a phobic I just don't care. But the point was I sometimes hate being supported for my sexuality or gender.

1 year ago

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