Idk you all would relate to my life or not or to what i'm going to say but all i wanted to feel is to be remembered in someone's life. Yea...i know is to basic right? but im an overthinker that makes this so difficult for me because i had done so many stupid things in ordered to be remembered and loved. I killed my own pride and its killing me daily thinking of those things. I was so fucked up that i even drowned myself and no knewed but some how i stopped hurting myself because its of no use i even living with the i don't want to im just pretending that im doing okay with my life but fuck im just 17 year old highschooler !!! Who's so tired but no one understood me , no one saw something is off in me I tried everything to be happy with my boyfriend i respected all his decisions and saying even i trusted him but he played me its been 5 years now but nobody know about what im to be her and its breaking me . Can you imagine for an indian teenager its so fucking hard to live in society ? Because here people so uncultured and even worse im so frustrated nothing seems right to me its so confusing

3 years ago

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