So, I’ve been really depressed and suicidal the past few years because my first love I’ll call him Jake, after a good 8 months of knowing each other basically told me I was to much to handle and not to speak to him again. I apologized for what I did and promised him I wouldn’t speak with him anymore. Jake decided it’d be a good idea to tell all of his friends AKA my friends as well not to speak to me either. So I lost my first love and all of my friends. Now it’s been almost a year in August and I have finally been able to make a total of three friends. One of them is moving out of state, one of them has strict parents and the other one is abusive and told me that her life is more stressful then mine as if it was a competition. I’ve always struggled with friends because every friend group I’ve been in has not only emotionally but physically abused me too, this is the first time I’ll have been telling anyone about this. I also have been struggling with sexuality. I’m a female and I’ve considered myself straight for ever, my Dad for as much as I love him i know for sure wouldn’t accept me. And last but not least my closest friend committed suicide and I miss them so so much. I don’t even know what to do anymore my life has turned to shit and I’m barley even an adult. I thank everyone who reads this, you guys don’t understand how great it is to let this all out. Have a good day, and I hope all your struggles can come to an end!

1 year ago

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