Toxic Relationship

My bf started to became cold since I noticed about his friend and she’s a girl. But I was curious because he followed her on ig even if we are together already and the girl is not in his country neither. I messaged the girl and she said they are just friends but she told me that they talked until he fall asleep. She told me also that my bf is jealous when she talked about other guys to him. And my bf is willing to support her tuition if she go back to college. But my bf said it was a lie. But she knows my bfs injury because they do video call. She knows that my bf has a gun and a knife because he showed that to me in video call. It’s legal in Texas. So I realized they really call each other. Because I also call my bf until he fall asleep. And I confronted my bf, he didn’t explain it and blocked me and when he unblocked me, he showed me their screenshot and the girl said she got depressed and she doesn’t want to ruin a relationship which she actually did by saying lies. But I noticed that the like button on fb is different. They used heart button. They changed the like button 👍 to heart button 🥰 which is so different because even if I have guy friends. I don’t change the like button to heart button. I don’t know if it’s a big deal for you all but it is for me. And then he can blocked me but he can’t blocked the girl. He can unfollow me on ig and blocked me on WhatsApp and fb but he can’t do that to the girl. I created a fake fb account to explain my side that the girl told me many lies which I’m not sure if she said truth sometimes because my bf is also a liar. We’re back together but I told him to leave his so called “friend”. The girl blocked me and I asked my bf if he unfollowed the girl because I can’t see the girl anymore. He said yes but my friend check the ig of the girl and my bf is still a follower so I called my bf in the middle of the night and he said I unfollowed her already but I told him I have screenshot and then he said oh I told you I’ll unfollow her. And then we broke up again. But he messaged me again and I talked to him again. But he started to became cold. If I told him how I feel he will just call me toxic or he will say you want to leave me now? I don’t want to fight with you anymore. I told him I just want to say how I feel so we can talk about it. And he only said ok understood. But until now he’s so cold. He don’t say I love you anymore and he doesn’t say good morning or good night or he doesn’t even ask how are you? He just reply so short. When he called me it’s always audio call now. Before it’s video call. And he now more fall asleep when he talks to me. It’s like he doesn’t want to talk. Just call me for few minutes and then fall asleep. I remember calling him again but it says he’s in another call on WhatsApp so it made me feel he’s talking to another girl. I told him he’s being cold and he doesn’t like me anymore. But he just immediately ask for break up. Because he thought I’m fighting with him which I don’t. I just really share how I feel that he’s being cold after that girl blocked him. The girl blocked him so he blocked also the girl. I just thought he blocked her first for me but nope it’s the girl who blocked him. But I feel like they’re still talking because my bf lies many times to me. I just don’t know what to do. If I still continue this relationship and I don’t even know if it’s still relationship because I think it’s one sided. He doesn’t say I love you at the end of video call when on time he called me on video call. He just talked to me whenever he wants and reply after an hour or hours or seen. Should I just let him go? Even if it hurts. Sorry, My English is bad.

1 year ago

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