Another month or so and the governors will order us in our homes and we will be unable to see people without their permission. We have no freedom anymore and soon it will bet he seasonal flu they will decide they can control us by holding us hostage each year in flu season. Christmas will be banned because it is a religious holiday and the celebration of getting things moved to July 4th, America Day. That is the plan of these socialist Nazis now running things. Be careful, don't comply. When they say you cannot have more then 10 guests this Christmas invite 50 and just wear masks if you want to be safe. When they say you cannot go to church due to a pandemic, flood the churches. When they say you cannot see more then 50 outdoors, stage a protest of thousands. Show the government that while Coronavirus is worth being careful with (PLEASE DO GET VACCINATED) it is not worth losing your liberties that my grandfather died for in Korea. It is an insult to him and all those men and women to now be denied liberty. As said, go get vaccinated please, I have been vaccinated and it is important. Wear a mask when the virus is rampant. But, do NOT stay in your homes away from others unless it is your choice to be away from others. If you have family and friends see them. One last note, remember how we were barred from even having funerals with more then 10 people in the spring of last year. Notice they gave George Floyd a funeral of THOUSANDS of mourners when my neighbors just now were able to finally have the funeral for their grandmother who died of Covid-19 in April of last year because the government said it was illegal for them to last year. That was just as unjust as what was done to George Floyd. I condemn what the did to Mr. Floyd, but I also condemn the propaganda state funeral when we could not even bury our loved ones until now and the government is about to restrict that right again with the new variants. Again, wear a mask when necessary, get vaccinated for crying out loud, but do NOT allow the government, state or federal, to hold us hostage like they did in 2020. NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!

1 year ago

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