I told him I wasn't special, I was nothing actually. White trash to some level. He insisted I was wrong and for months said some of the most amazing things ive ever been told. Silly me, wanting ot so bad and dumb enough to believe one day id have that love that doesnt even really exist.. But him, he was breath takingly fascinating. I think he was sent from the devil himself. He targeted my soul and he fucking broke me. He did things no man did before. Bought me earrings and made me things like a leather bracelet to match his gave me his favorite bandanas cause I have a collection/obsession.. He was different, intelligent, beautiful and I fell so in love. I thought he was to... I wanted to be the best me, he gave me the confidence, I wanted things I hadn't wanted in a long time, feltthings I havent felt in a long time, if ever. He starts calling me his gf n talks of starting a life in Texas and im on the list of reasons. How can I not feel this was going somewhere right. So everything is great. Til thanksgiving when he goes home and gues who didnt get any... ANY of his time off? Me.. He leaves to Colorado his first day off and spends the last day off driving back. Saw him twice in 3 weeks after coming back. Everything changed when he went home. He was so fucking married 💔😭💔😭💔😭 I found his older daughter online and let her know about this fucking affair so she can tell her mom. I couldn't find the wife so I had to go thru the daughter.. Its been almost 4 months and I still feel so sad n broken. I miss that man so much.. But I'm angry that he used everything he learned to play me. All my motivation for life and any confidence is all gone.. He says telling his girls offends his girls and thats unforgiveable. Ok, I think they'd be offended if they knew the things you told me about them? The slutty one cheating on her baby daddy being the train station that weekend and then leaving him for his best friend. Or any of the shit you talked about them, you really have no right to pretend to care if they're offended I mean you did say youll never forgive them for being stupid basically. Fuck its been almost 4 months and I still cry n hurt n feel so broken. I was a mess when you found me but it's so much worse now...be glad its not 10-15 years ago tho... I was much crazier, and didn't give af... Having kids calmed me so count your lucky stars you punk ass excuse for a man.

2 years ago

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