I have lots on me, I dont like my friend I was on call with new friends we made and she was making lies to them like her age and stuff about her and forces me to come over and pressures me stressing me out everyday forcing me to call. Me and my friend(same one) got sexualized by my older brothers online friend telling my friend he hopes she gets raped and kills herself and said sexual comments about both of using nothing im asexual and that we both are uncomfy with him saying that stuff(shes not ace but was still uncomfy with it) my friend really hates him but my older brother is gay and likes him and is still friends with it and im pressured to keep it a secret than my older brothers friend who also hates him found out twice and he promised this time he stop being friends with him but still is and I cry overnight about it and on top of that causing me to self harm. and I rn have a essay due tomorrow and Im only half way done. Now I literally wanna kill myself with so much pressure on me

2 years ago

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