I was afraid of losing him, then I realized, I already lost him. do you know the feeling of waiting for something that there's no guarantee if it will come? how about holding on to promises that gets broken 1 by 1? its hard. holding on to words like "You will never lose me. I'll be waiting when you are ready for us" yet you see that person fell for someone else yet he keeps on insisting those words to you. you keep on waiting for him everyday as you were used to having him around yet you dont know if he will come or not. You wait for him despite knowing that he's in someone else's arms. You wait and wait then one day, you're not waiting anymore. You just stop. The pain will grow bigger yet one day, you'll get used to the pain and realize that you got used to not having him around, at all. I was afraid of losing him, yet it happened anyway, despite all the promises. then, maybe, I'll just wait for that one day.

2 years ago

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