I'm suppose to be moving. I've never done this before...not really. I'm a 34yr old mom of 4. I wanna ask folks how I should go about this process, shit , I only have til next Sunday, however, I'm afraid I'll be spoken to in a condescending way or taken advantage of if I ask for guidance. I'm not completely broke, but I just wanna get all this done and live comfortably with my family in our new home. On a positive note, theres 4 bedrooms with a bathroom upstairs and down, so thats great. Right? Only thing is, theres a flight of stairs to go up as soon as you come in the door, so I worry that heavy furniture may be difficult to transport. I need a washer and dryer and have been looking on offerup for both, and I've found some pretty good ones for a good price, but I don't have a car and therefore wouldn't be able to pick things up unless I rent a uhaul. Smh, I dont even really know how to do that. People say I seem sheltered. I don't feel sheltered. I just feel stupid and inadequate and like a weirdo for not knowing what to do in such normal situations. The one person who knows I need help with this, isn't actually trying to help. He's living life. Almost as though we're not here. I'm nervous and only have one Prozac left.

1 year ago

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