The girl I like tried to kill me?

The girl I like onced tried to kill me. We had a sleepover keep in mind I'm guy so I was nervous for a guy and girl to have a sleepover but I didn't think so much of it I was on my phone into 1 hour of the sleepover I wasn't paying attention to her then she sat on top of me and she grabbed my hand with my phone in hand and pulled it down she smiled at me and laughed then sat back on watching tv I thought "what the fuck just happened" the I fell asleep thinking of that later I my sleep I felt a weight on my stomach then slightly opened my eyes so much it looked like they were closed if you understand but she looked at her hands then slided them to my neck and pushed down on it while squeezing it too I was in a shocking state I just layed there I couldn't breathe anymore I hurted and my mouth became dry a cough slipped out she got off me so fast and laid down beside me I laid there quietly breathing as soon and hours passed I was scared to sleep or move I checked my phone it was 7:35 am I got up she was sleeping and i walked out her room quietly and slow I walked fast as I can put the house leaving my sweater and bag then I wenr out the door my body was shaking and my eyes teared up from relief I walked home cold but I was so happy I ran home half way I went through my window and laid there till my family woke up. The girl we still talk but I can't get over the fact she tried to kill me?

1 year ago

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