Hello everyone I am 18 years old and I finished my 10hr driving course a week ago. My instructor gave me harder tips to follow as he says this is how to PERFECTLY drive. On our last class, he told me that if i wanted to attempt the driving test I could, but I will not pass as I need another 10 hours with him. I felt that he was making me nervous driving so I wasn't sure how well I can drive. Previously, I attempted the driving test, and it was my FIRST time driving a car as I was very anxious about the test and wanted to see how it is. I attempted it again yesterday, and I failed because of a mistake I was confused about and being to close to a car when parallel parking. I got so nervous I started shaking and my eyes went cloudy, which is why I didn't notice the cushion space between the cars. I had the same instructor for both tests and he liked me very much. He is helpful and always easy on marking. He told me i only had those two mistakes to fix, and advised me to either do a brush up (2hr driving) if I really wanted to, but told me to actually come in the next day as my driving was perfectly fine and the mistakes can be easily fixed by myself. I was going to book my third attempt either in 2 or 3 days, but I am extremely nervous and anxious I might make another mistake and fail. I can't keep spending money on exams as I surpassed a thousand dollars on driving courses and the exams. Not only that, but I feel held back, I don't have so much confidence in me anymore. Can someone advise or help me out? Thanks

2 years ago

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