When school shut down last year I got really close with my childhood friend/first crush and we had a lot of fun. But then they ignored me for like 3 months and still hung out with my siblings. Honestly I thought he liked me, I told him so much about myself, stuff I've never told anyone. He seemed like the only person who had ever really cared about how I am not only physically but mentally too. I am completely overlooked in my family and he would stand up for me. And I had grown another crush on him. But we haven't really talked like that since last year. Then yesterday at school he walked up to me while I was with my friends and gave me a hug, this wouldn't have been engraved in my mind if his friends weren't standing 3 feet away. He's the type of guy who changes when he's with his football buds meaning, no social interaction with me or anyone who knows his real personality. Also my friends didn't know we hangout so they were so confused. Then later that day when I was going to the locker room from soccer practice I saw him going to the field for football and we had a mini conversation infront of his team. Like where is this coming from? Is he planning on building me up so he can just leave again? Does he like me?

1 year ago

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