Just a lil vent

So life's been interesting. I'm a twelve year old girl for context. My mom walked out today. Just left. My dad told me when he picked me up from school. I'm not really upset about it. She doesn't have a job (thus, no money) and if she's staying with someone she won't be with them forever, so she'll probably be back soon. She packed up a bunch of bags. She just snapped. Didn't want to deal with us anymore. She called my dad and they talked a bit. He asked if she wanted to talk to me and she said no. I'm not offended, though. I didn't want to talk to her. I'm not upset with the fact that she left, I'm upset with the fact that she put herself first and left her four kids and my dad. Two of my siblings are toddlers and my aunt has to watch them. My dad has a job and leaves at about 7:00 and comes back usually around 5:00. She might be back tonight. She might never come back. I don't know. But anyways thanks for wasting your time reading this :)

1 year ago

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