God i love my friends but sometimes, they make me feel bad, cause they can be burtally honest and make me feel like complete shit and I can't say anything about it cause they all have RSD (rejection sensitive dysphoria) and they'll all get really hurt and i dont want to hurt them and I just, i hate it. Im constantly talked over and people just, talk over me and sometimes I try to speak up but then i just, let other people talk. and i hate it. and i feel like they dont care about me. but they do. and when i vent only one or two people tends to respond, while i try to respond to everyone and i just feels, shitty. i hate it. so much. earlier i was talking about a game we all play and i expressed how hard it is for me to grind on the game and they said i should just quit now if i cant grind, and that just hurt. i know its a joke but still. and a little bit ago we were joking around and i really liked one joke so i was laughing at it a lot and i found it funny but then one friend just said that i was dragging it on for too long. and. i hate it. i love them but, sometimes these things hurt :)

2 years ago

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