For once when I thought my life was actually going well it comes back to kick me in the dick, The girl I was talking to seemed really interested in me and I was too. Then after about a month of talking having fun, my friend tells me "oh yeah her and this one guy are into each other" and after hearing this I'm heartbroken and she tells me that she doesn't want commitment. So after all this time of talking she just now decides to tell me? I don't understand why she led me on but hey this isn't the first time this has happened to me. Someone like me just doesn't deserve happiness and I've been keeping my emotions in for almost 10 years now. I cut myself pretty bad last night and typing all this out is probably the only thing keeping me alive right now. Because nobody wants to hear my problems and I can see why cause who really cares if one more light goes out.

1 year ago

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