Honestly gotten to the point where I don’t care anymore! Stab me? Run me over? Hit me? Use me? Abuse me? I don’t care do what you like... treat me like your little dummy doll go on do it... do I care? NO! I used to be such a loving caring organised hard working person and now I’m not no one is to blame really apart from myself! I’m becoming this stupid idol person doing risky stuff doing things that could get me into serious trouble and normally I’d say I need to stop yet I don’t care there’s no hope left for me I just want to hurry up and die I really do! No one loves me no one cares so why should I.... I’ve recently had my last bit of spark whipped away from me by someone who I thought was so close to me so I’m sorry(I’m not)l really) but I don’t want to live anymore this world has nothing to offer

2 years ago

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