My friend asked me to go on a double date with her and this guy she was seeing at the time, so I agreed and we wanted up going to the beach. Let me tell you this guy was hotttt, he was at least 6'3 (I'm 5'3) he was 2 years older than me and he could keep a good convocation which was good. we were all sitting and talking when all of the sudden he picked me up and took me into the water. I went to start swimming but he grabbed my legs so they were around his waist and started to finger me. I tried to muffle my moans because it was a busy beach and I was so glad his body was shielding me so people could see what he was doing. Mind me at the time I only went as far as a peck, like I haven't even made out with anyone yet (i was15) so I wasn't expecting things to go that far especially on the first date. He kept telling me how good I felt but I kinda felt dirty but deep down I knew I enjoyed it because why else would I have moned right? Anyways we ended up meeting up a couple of times and we went further but I ended up breaking it off because I knew he wanted sex but I was definitely not ready for that. I have never told anyone this and it feels good to get off my chest.

2 years ago

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