Ngl kinda in love with my best friend but also they would be a NIGHTMARE to date I'm so sorry 😐✋ like communication?? 0% Bestie really cut me off for a month and I thought they hated me and then they tried to off their self and now they are friends with me again??? Please just pick one, in or out, because I need to either get over you or somehow hope we would have the communication we had before. It's not even okay that I'm mad at them/ angry with them for trying to off their self. It really is hurtful. And as someone who is suicidal it really changed my pov for a while because holy shit that fucking hurt when I found out. It felt like my fault. Probably hurt worse cuz I'm literally in love with them. I think I'm starting to get over them tho, which is good. I just need to stop talking to them a lot.

1 year ago

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