I want that day to come. The day where a guy looks at me the way Jess looks at Rory, or the way Chandler looks at Monica. They way Jack looks at Rose, or the way Romeo looks at Juliet. I want someone to love me for me, for when I’m at my best and also whenI’m at my worst and to be there for me, support me and comfort me when it gets to them times. To understand everything I’ve been through and going through. I want a guy to not only Love me, but to love my family, to get along with them and for them to love him and see that he’s the one. I want someone to just come over with snacks and cuddle while watching a Rom com or even a horror or even a sad film, whatever the movie, I want that. But I also want a guy that he can be his self when around me, to let me comfort him and for him to let me in and open up and not be scared to do so. I want a guy that will accept me for me and that I can be myself around. To make me feel confident in myself and my body and not be embarrassed about myself when I’m with him. And I want him to make me feel confident. I just want that day to come…. And soon

2 years ago

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