im sick and tired of my parents, they take everything away from me. they find out i had a bf 2 years ago in December, they took my phone away and left me with my laptop, i couldnt even leave the house. i still talked to my bf, but they found out again last june, for 4 months after that, i had nothing, no phone, no laptop, nothing, they made me sit at home for 4 months, doing nothing at all, only being able to watch tv. they never got me anything since than. i got a job to buy myself a phone, and im turning 17 in a couple days and they said when i turn 18 i can get my stuff back. even tho i paid for my phone, they still take it at night, and they go through everything. they mentally drain me, always hurting me emotionally. thank god my bf stuck by me thro all this otherwise i wouldnt have made it. on top of that its physical abuse sometimes too. even asking them something about my stuff or something about turning 18, they start hurting me. i dont wanna be here anymore

2 years ago

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