My fiancé. Whom I love dearly. Has mental health issues and he deals with them by drinking. Way. Too. Much. Recently, it came to light that he has had 6 dui’s. He was pulled over a few months ago. And I thought that I would have time to get my stuff together and leave. He is also incredibly violent and mean when he is drunk. Which is often. I’ve had 4 black eyes, a concussion, etc since I met him a little over a year ago. He told he was seeing a therapist. Things got better for about four months. Until this weekend. Friday night he was being mean. I saw the signs early and went To bed. He came up randomly and started literally punching me in the ass. I managed to get up and get him to go away. I closed the door to the bedroom. This threw him into a spin snd he grabbed my hair, yanked me by my hair down to the ground snd started punching me. When he was done I had a black eye, I lost so much hair, my head hurts, I think I have a broken rib. But I quietly went to bed. Is was trying to avoid any further argument that night. I wake up Saturday - the door to our bedroom apparently got broken. My eye killing me, my head hurts and I’m sore everywhere. Nothing is said. No apologies, no acknowledgment of what he did. We go to the river - I’m in a bit of shock - we come home. I take a shower, I’m exhausted. I tell him and I go to bed. I wake up when he comes to bed snd he is all loving and snuggly. We sleep. Until I wake up in the middle of the night, cold. He has all the blankets. I ask him if I can have blankets, explain that I am cold, etc. He blows up at me. I go downstairs and all the blankets have been removed from the couch. No where to be seen. I go back upstairs and ask him wtf happened to all the blankets and he yells at me some more. But finally gives me some blankets. But then goes to sleep somewhere else in the house. I wake up, my dog had been locked in a room all night. Scared and freaked out. I go ask him what happened and he blows up at me, yelling, screaming, etc. I walk away. Eventually I come back inside wnd am quietly listening to music while I unload the dishwasher and he comes out and punches the TV and breaks the sound bar in half. I left. I come back a few hours later snd he is fine. Like nothing happened. I’m flabbergasted but wary of bringing anything up. We go get lunch. He drinks a lot. We come home and then go to get a new tv and sound bar, I’m driving. He picks out what he wants - it’s $600. He blows up. Blows up the whole way home. He’s blaming me, he’s mad at me, he tells me he’s done, etc. the hocks a loogie in my face and punches me while I’m driving. I make it home. I go upstairs. I hide in a closet. We have life 360 snd I am notified that he leaves. I know he’s been drinking. And I called the police. I told them where he was, how much he’s been drinking, that he has a gun in the car, etc. He’s now in jail overnight, I’m sick to my stomach over the whole weekend. I don’t feel bad about calling him in. He should not have been driving. But I’m worried for what he is going to do when he gets out. I don’t know where to go. What to do. Etc.

1 year ago

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