Update/followup: I am the person who posted about their friend Named Jack who is descending into madness. Here I am again asking for your support and answers. Basically what I said in my last post was: Jack is a friend of myne who was domestically abused both physically and sexually. He had to see his mom get stabbed and killed and faced several other tragedies his entire childhood. He has had Insomnia, depression and psychosis his whole life and I have over the years seen him slowly losing his mind. Abunch of shit happened where one of our friends punched Jack so in return Jack beat the living shit out of him. I later caught jack in his apartment staring at a static TV screen with his eyes wide open and Bloodshot red, while also having a handgun in his hand. But I made that post afew days after I walked in on him. So Earlier today (august 5th, 2021) I went knocking on his door, I wanted to do what I could for him. I thought getting him to vent or talk about his feelings would help, but like all men he just won’t open up. It broke me seeing what he’s become, his eyes were still red, his hair was all long and sloppy (when I say long it’s about down to the end of his ear) He was sort of purple around the eyes. The entire time we “talked” he just seemed really out of it. He would speak in tongues sometimes, laugh for no reason, stare at nothing with a blank expression. Even his sense of morality is decaying. I mentioned the instance when he beat David so severely that he had been in intensive care, and sustained brain injuries. Jack literally laughed at this, THIS GAVE HIM A FEELING OF JOY. When I’m all like: “what makes you think it’s okay to laugh about that? You literally ruined his face for the rest of his life” And what he said shook me Went something along the lines of: “you don’t understand, this is a Victory for me. I’m still upset I didn’t fucking kill him. Do you have any idea how good this feels? How I put fear in that man and ruined his life? It’s the best I’ve ever felt! This is a moms to be celebrated!” Jack isn’t himself anymore, that physical encounter with David must’ve been the straw that broke the camels back. That’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to Jack venting. There was a little discovery I made after that though, that made his behavior make a little more sense. I ask if I could use his bathroom, while I was In their I found spiked bath salts opened. This has to be it, is THIS The answer to his declining sanity over the years? This can’t just mean nothing. I’m on the brink of calling the police on him, he isn’t safe to the public. He could be planning something like some kind of fucking supervillain or some crazy shit. Who knows?! He’s a literal psycho! I’m really hesitant to make the call, me and Jack have had so many memories together. I don’t want him behind bars for the rest of his life. He’s a good person and he doesn’t deserve a fate like that, I know him. Mentally ill people are still people and jack is an example of one being treated unethically. I just want to do whatever I can to save him from himself, putting him in prison is the last thing I want for one of my childhood friends. Eventually things may get to the point where posting here is just not going to help anymore, and more efficient action will be taken place. Normal, civilized people. What should I do?

1 year ago

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