What country have you visited has been the most "gay friendly?"

I'll go first, because I was quite surprised and happy. I work and travel for a large multinational corporation and was absolutely devastated when I was forced to include Turkey on my regional sales travel. Really, any middle eastern country is frightening for me - I am a gay man, and while not a "flamer," it's not hard to recognize that I am homosexual. I actually considered resigning over it, but my manager talked me out of it and asked me to give it a try. While it's true that open homosexuality is indeed frowned upon there, a lot (I mean...literally everyone I met) engaged in homosexual acts. Me, being a blonde, tan, attractive American gay man, turned out to be VERY popular. I'm a solid 6 or 7 in most circles in the USA...but there....oh my - my white ass was in high demand. Handsome, bearded, hairy Turkish men - much to my surprise - could not wait to get me into bed, especially in my hotel room. As long as it's very discreet and "downlow," I discovered that buggery is a common practice by a large number of the men there, especially if they remain in the "male" position. It is very akin to "machismo" in latino culture - being gay might be derided, but fucking a gay man is just fine and dandy (as long as know one ever knows...lol). Where have you been surprised to find "friendliness" on your travels?

1 year ago

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