So As I said she is 14 and is really dumbo. And I was surprised that no one has yet fucked her yet. And one day I called her and her small brother(my boyfriend) to our house to stay for a week. So when they came I took her out in the forest. Meanwhilw her small brother fucked my sister. So one the way I took some condoms from the shop and on the way I asked her if she has boyfriend and she said no . And I asked if she wanted to get married with me and she said yes and I showed her porn while walking on the way and told her that’s what husband and wife do. And she said that she asked where we gonna get married and I told her that we will get married in the forest and she asked how many people gonna come and I told her that there will be trees , plants , leaves , insects , animals and she was very happy. And she asked for a dress to wear while getting married and so I had saw a little gown drying out in the backyard of someone and so we both went and stole it. And finally we reached the place where it was really deep and no one goes there frequently so it was good for us. And I let her wear the gown and it was perfect fit. She had and surprisingly she had same boob size as ”Britney White” and We acted as if it was our wedding and kissed and then I undressed her and let her suck my cock and told her to suck it like lollipop and damn she started sucking my dick head only and I told her that I will give u milk to drink and she opened her mouth and she swallowed it all and she asked for more and I told her That she will get it later and She started begging for it so I instead peed in her mouth and I let her pee in my mouth too. And then I sucked her boobs and it was E i guess and then I put on the condom and laid her down on the ground and started licking her pussy first and put some lubes and started inserting it and fucking her slowly and after few moments I broke her hymen and I after fucking slowly for a while I started fucking her hard now and started to moan hard and loud. And then I let her Sit on top of me and We did a cowgirl and damn her boobs were shaking alot. And After that I kissed her and I took out my cock and told her to suck it and worship it and she will get the milk and she did and then After a deep throat came the milk in her mouth and she swallowed it. And I told her not to tell anyone that we are now husband and wife except her brother and my sister and I told her that they are also now husband and wife and she agreed. And later that night I fucked her more and even in her ass too. While my sister was being fucked by her brother on the other side of the bed. And we all exchanged piss in our mouths.

1 year ago

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