I work in IT. There was my first mistake. The one industry where they are quick to replace anything with a cheaper newer model. A cold and manipulative, industry where processes are designed to burn you out. Have you running as hard and as fast as you can for as long as you can. They don’t even hide the fact, they say we work in “sprints”. I have zero friends, but at least 50 people that will think of me the moment they need work, or I can help them shine a work. I know thousands of people, but don’t have a single relationship that goes any deeper than than a casual hello. I go home everyday to emptiness, because work has never given me the time to form a bond with another person. I’ve made money for so many people, share holders, company directors, but other than give me just enough salary to show back up to work tomorrow, they have given me nothing in return. If your child tells you they want to work in IT, tell them it is a pointless, thankless and lonely existence. You are just a tool, supporting other tools to create someone else wealth. If they are happy with that existence then good luck to them. When they get into the death bed for the final time, knowing that their time is finally up. I hope they are not looking back on a wasted life the same way I have for the last 10 years. An early grave due to a lack of living, sitting at a desk all day, steering at an artificial light source. My health is failing me, too young, my body decays around an active mind. I haven’t felt happiness in over a decade. Fill the void with projects, learning and TV. Buying luxury goods I don’t have time to use, and soon realise I don’t care about them anyway. The novelty of new technology wore off a decade into my career. Watching us turn out more and more low grade junk, in a pretty wrapper. Quickly emptying the customer wallet, with in-app purchases, and subscription only application. Join this industry at your peril. Run this gauntlet, of cheap outsourced work, and younger cheaper overconfident workers undermining you as though they actually know what they are talking about. Letting take the reigns and watching them fail, is one of the few bits of entertainment as I neared my end. My time grows short. Alone I will watch the sunset for the last time, and then I shall rest. I shall let my bones rest.

2 years ago

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