Lost. Can I choose? Or just suffer in silence? I am stuck between two worlds. I feel that I am at one of those points that whatever path I choose it could change my life forever. I want to work abroad performing, it’s my absolute dream. While on holiday singing Kareoke I’ve had contracts thrown at my begging for me to work at places since I was 15. I am now 18. I have had many opportunities advertised to me and asked for me to do these performances abroad. I could make memories make money and all my leisure paid for. I could be on a 24/7 holiday. Any 18 year old would dream for this. The only thing holding me back is my girlfriend. How can I break the news to her? I want to be abroad for a few YEARS, without her. I mean she’s more than welcome to come but I already know her answer with her own business and house searching. Yet every single time I’ve made it clear that I am not ready to move in she is booking house viewings for “us.” I’m sure she’s like many other peoples Girlfriends she just does things out of love and passion. As much as I love her I don’t want to settle, I want to live, to explore to feel things I’ve never felt before. I mean why wouldn’t I. It’s all laid there in-front of me. The opportunity is there. Yet why am I feeling held back? We’ve discussed this concept many times, but she seems to only think seasonal, not yearly. I just don’t want to break her heart as I know loads of her family, and I call them my own family after being together 3 years. I have no fear of commitment I just want to live my life the way I want. Yet I still love this woman to pieces. What is the verdict? Leave to go abroad performing like my passion making memories living abroad. Stay in my hometown staying as a bar tender as a career with this girl that stole my heart.

1 year ago

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