I'm on my own. I don't want to care about being with someone. I want to find strength in myself. I want to find alone the fuel for my inner fire. I don't want to suffer in my loneliness anymore. People come and go. They never stay. So be it. If they're here to stay, they'll be welcome. If they don't want to stay, they're welcome to leave. I am the only one who's always there. I want to be calm and grounded, appreciative of my own light and shadow. I don't want to try and conquer anyone. I don't want to impress anyone. I want to be myself, always. Everything I do, I want to do because I find value in it myself. Everything I say, I want to say because I see it as the truth. As for relationships themselves, at this point I'm firmly convinced that no one deserves more effort than necessary. I'll just show openness, then others can do as they please. If they enjoy my company they will want more. If they don't, they won't seek it. That's it. From this moment forward my loneliness is a choice.

1 year ago

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