Here’s my movie idea. So there’s a parasite going around that nobody knows about, it’s called Neurax Worm. It’s a worm that makes its home on the top of your Brain and digs it’s tendrils into it, causing behavioral and mental abnormalities. In short, it’s literally mind controlling parasite. The disease is discovered by an autopsy on a someone’s brain. The surgeons find the worm dead on the patient’s brain, with its tendrils not fully dug in, Making the worm easy to remove. A few weeks later, it becomes apparent that millions of people are infected with the disease. The worm appears to have little to no symptoms but that quickly changes within the span of afew days. Then the worm quickly adapts and it’s tendrils dig deeper giving it more control of its host’s behavior and mind. With this, due to the people being under control of neurax worm, the world goes to chaos. Suddenly people get the urge to spread the parasite and the situation gets worse. The cure is successfully released, but several nations and billions of people are killed.

1 year ago

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