There’s never a day that goes by that I just don’t think of hurting or killing others as well as myself every time someone just gets so very slightly on my nerves I just want to throw their head into the wall and kick their back until I see the blood flow I want to tell and scream at them before eventually just offing myself by throwing my self off a building I want them to know the anxiety I have every time I do something very slightly wrong I want them to know my anger and how I’ve kept it bottled up for way too long I want them to know how fucked I am in the head just wanting to see every one of them die by my own hand Even though they blame me I’m not the reason that all this has happened to them and I just want to choke them out for not understanding the situation that’s so very obvious and I just want more that plays in my favor rather than making me a quite literal demon School’s starting back up tomorrow as well but after I was told what’s going on tomorrow doesn’t make me in anyway happier it actually aggravates me more actually I don’t want them to see me like this but at the same time I want to show them and let it free for once in my life I’ve already set the day I want to die if my life can’t get back on the right track I just want this all to be over

1 year ago

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