Why haven’t I died yet? I’ve been playing Russian roulette with these guys I met on the street and I haven’t been the lucky one yet. This shit sucks man, no matter what I do I can’t just fucking die. Every time I get in the car I’m like, “hope I get In a wreck” Every time I play Russian roulette “Hope I get lucky this time” Every morning I wake up “Fuck, another day” Every time I trip and fall “Too bad that didn’t kill me” If I’m ever in the situation where I’m near death, I’m choosing death. I’ve had these thoughts since I was 15. So I’m pretty eager for that faithful day. And me and those guys all agreed that whoever is last to die amongst ourselves wins, wins what exactly? Money, tons of money. We’re talking 100k, I’m broke, living in an apartment in a ghetto little hood. So let’s just hope I die. Life is so boring and nothing ever goes the way it’s supposed to. My entire life has never been happy. tell me, what reason do I have to think it’ll get any better?

2 years ago

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