I read this one story on here about how this guy had made these kids touch him and shit like that. It honestly breaks my heart how they can just come on here and brag about how they destroyed someone's life. He then went on about how he made them do oral and intercourse. The kids were 8 and 10. I feel disgusted and heartbroken atp. I feel so bad for them and I wish I never read that. He basically raped and molested them. I'm not gonna lie I almost cried because how could you do that. Now those kids are going to grow up with trauma and wont be able to recover from that. Not only did he say this but he said that he does this almost every time he sees them. He went on about how there was blood everywhere and that made him more excited. How SICKK can you be? I don't know if the story was made up or not but WHAT THE FUCK??!? I feel so bad and I wish I could save those kids. I hope he knows that this website tracks your IP. I will be praying on his downfall and wishing hell upon him. He deserves to be tortured and burned alive.

2 years ago

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