Today was my aunts wedding. My mum and dad have an on off toxic relationship but when my dad left (again) my mum said that was the last time she would talk to him. A few days ago when my dad came to pick us up he knocked on the door and asked my mum if she wanted to go to the wedding. Me and my siblings knew she was going to say yes and she did. I told my mum that if she was coming to the wedding she shouldn’t flirt with my dad because i knew that he would probably be back again and I couldn’t afford my mum and siblings being miserable every time he left. on the day of the wedding I saw my mum and dad slow dancing together, calling each other “love.” me and my siblings were so annoyed but decided not to say anything. My mum and dad wouldn’t keep there hands off each other while sitting down. I tried to make conversation with my mum but she would cut me off to talk to my dad. I became silent. After a few songs my mum kept trying to make me dance with her but I was so upset I couldn’t even be bothered to move. I became snappy and rude when she actually tried to talk to me. When we got home a wave of guilt Went over me. I ruined my mums day because I was a selfish bastard. She looked so happy when she was with dad and I felt that I ruined her happy moment. I went to talk to her about it but my mum just pushed me away and said “I’m not in the mood to talk to you.” I’m currently in my bedroom regretting my decisions and on the verge or tears. Am I I the asshole? What should I do?

1 year ago

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