This happened to me a while back & I'm writing this story as a warning to any young people out there. I'm young. I'm in my early to mid 20's. I never really thought dating apps were legit. Usually you'd sign up & whenever people liked you they'd trick you into paying for a premium account. I've applied to & deleted at least every dating app at this point. I'm not desperate I mostly just did it out of boredom. So I signed up for this one app. (Not gonna name it to spare you from searching for it.) Unlike other apps I gained a lot of likes & even messages. I was texting one person who I thought was a girl. They made me add her on instagram & google hangouts. These should be red flags btw. She went from casual conversation to asking for nude pictures. I was rather shocked. I should've known then & there that something was up. I regret sending her a pic of my lower regions. I shouldn't have given in. I wish I hadn't. She asked for more & after saying no multiple times I blocked her on all my accounts & deleted the dating app. I thought that was the end of it, but no. A day later I got a friend request on instagram. My account was private so I had to allow people in. A person claiming to be a girl asked to follow me. I messaged back & forth with huge suspicion. I should've never accepted that follow request because once they got to view my account they got what they wanted. I stupidly added the person on hangouts & they messaged me with the nude photo I took & a screenshot of my instagram page. I'm paraphrasing it, but they said, "try anything funny & I'll expose this on your all social media & put you in the newspaper." He also showed a photo of another one of their victims on the front of their newspaper. I naturally panicked, blocked him on everything, & deleted my instagram account. Let this be a lesson that 1. The internet is a dangerous place & anybody can make an account. 2. Never give your social media or email to ANYONE especially if they demand it. 3. Don't give in to pressure & send nudes. I hope I'm lucky enough to never have this happen again. I've made all my social media private because of this situation & I am now more cautious about who I talk to online. So take my story as a warning. Stay safe web surfers.

2 years ago

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