Hello. I wanna change the world. I wanna change my school systems. I wanna rebuild the world. I wanna rebuild humanity. Our entire society. I want to change the world. I have to change the world. Why? Because i cant just sit here on the sides doing nothing when we got problems in our society. Imma bring us together. Expand our minds, evolve us. We can change, but everyone has to be awakened first. Your inner thoughts, your MENTAL version if yourself. Everyone has one. We need the cooperation of everyone to change. We get everyone, and we get humanity focused again, we will kick START. this is my plan. I need to make humanity hit the gas. Change starts now. This is what we all need. I wanna change the government systems, create new, improved, and better designs and ways to go about teaching and learning , give everyone a chance to clear things up (groups, and everything. We need to use the internet. We need to post our feelings on Facebook. We have to trigger change. We can do it... I'm 15. I'm dedicating my LIFE to this cause. If I can't change the world for me, I'll do it for those after me. We all deserve a better world, so its time I do something. Now I'm spreading the message to those who are reading this now.... #827 and #888 are my two alias, spread this message. This is change. I'm spreading my message everywhere how i cant, but ill stay unknown for now.. Help me catch the attention of the world, SK we can trigger a change that benefits the world, our future, or technology our society,our lives, everything. We can advance to a new age. Think about our history. The history of humanity, our discoveries and our fucking past. The need to hit the fucking gas. We need to figure out how to utilize time, how to duplicate things, how to instantly transport. WE NEED THESE THINGS. Its become common thought to most, when we hear these things we can compare them to how the people of the past could wonder about flying in vehicles through the air. Or even space. We evolve. WE PUT OURSELVES TOGETHER, AND WE CAN DO ANYTHING. We are HUMANITY. We CREATE, and DESTROY. We've done too much destroying on the earth. The place we live. We need to start creating, snd making our thoughts become reality. Shout out to elon musk... Really, his Neuro tech is really a step in the sort of right direction.. Let's change the world.

2 years ago

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