I feel like all of the LGBTQ I've ever met are all either depressed, suicidal, or just generally unhappy, but I, a trans guy, a pansexual, and an aromantic with family members that don't understand, and who are sometimes super homo / transphobic, am super happy with my life. Is something wrong with me? I feel like I'm just not like any of the LGBTQ people I've met. I don't have any triggers, I use slurs (faggot, retard) when i talk and I don't get offended when people use those words, and I'm not gonna fucking cancel you if you are a very conservative, not progressive person. I feel like the LGBTQ community of today is kinda a joke, I guess. Everyones fucking crazy and most of the people I've met in the community are super disrespectful and use their gayness as an excuse to be an asshole to anyone who has a different opinion than them about anything. Idk if anyone else gets this or feels like this, but there's my take on this shit.

2 years ago

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