I will never act first. I will never ask anyone go out. I will never make the first move. I will never ask for favors. The reason for this is so people can’t be say “you asked me to do is” or “this was your idea” or anything like that. And when it comes to romance the reason why I never make the the first move or ask the girl out is because it feels like less of an accomplishment if she said yes. It feels way better when she asks me, it gives off that she was into me. When I ask and she says yes it doesn’t necessarily make me think she’s into me or something, and also in a relationship I wouldn’t want her to be able to say “us being a thing was your idea” or something like that. This is very difficult to put into words. You may be thinking, if I never go and ask for something I will never have what I want. And that is 100% true. But I’m okay with letting something go because I wouldn’t ask first. If it doesn’t come to me then it was never meant to be. Now your probably thinking, that I’m forever going to be alone. Which is also true, but if that’s what happens then that’s what was meant to be. Plus I really like being rightfully able to say “I never asked for this”, or “this was your idea”, “YOU asked me come”. It’s honestly worth it too. Are you thinking: “are you just afraid to ask?” Yes, I am. But that’s because of experience. Every time I invite someone or ask someone else I get rejected or come off weird. Also, I don’t really like going out. I like sitting down on my couch and being miserable. Well I don’t really like it but I have no ambition. All of my friends say that I’m extremely introverted and antisocial, and that I sacrifice what could be life-changing moments just so I can say things. But it doesn’t feel right when I ask, it just feels like they said yes just cuz. Maybe I’m just paranoid.

1 year ago

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