Hi. I’m 17 and Recently I’ve developed a small crush on my classmate. I wanted to keep denying it but I think I do have a little crush on him. I told him I’m pansexual and he kind of reacted in a rude way. I was kind of scared to tell him because I thought “what if he won’t like me anymore because I’m pansexual. Should I just fake being straight?” But I wanted to be me and didn’t want to be someone I wasn’t. But anyways, We were at summer school and this other girl kept taking to him and I was kind of bothered. Like I know he ain’t my man but dang I still felt something. We text after school and before but he didn’t text me and I kept thinking that he was texting that other girl or he lost interest in me or I also thought he didn’t want to talk to me anymore since he found out I was pansexual. I kept thinking, “what if I never told him I was pansexual. What if I kept pretending to be straight?” But my inner high self esteem bad bitch told me to be proud of being pansexual and to not give a f**k what he thinks. Also cuz PRIDE MONTH!!! Anyways I texted him and he left reply’s that seemed like he didn’t want to talk. Anyways, I saw his braces when he took his mask off and was laughing and I thought it was really cute. I really hate feeling like this. I hate smiling because I’m thinking of someone and thinking about them. I only had one relationship so it’s not because I’m hurt of past relationships. I just hate the feeling of liking someone. Cuz ew gross. Cringe- lol. Also, I think the girl who he was talking too is really nice and kind. She’s kind of a pick me girl but she’s kind and funny.

2 years ago

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