If I was president

First of all I got to say I wish trump would come back as president he did more than that African non American lazy monkey ever did with that less move on if I was president I would make it ilegal to speak any other language other than English that’s a must no Spanish tired of hearing Spanish Spanish no more second I would give the law enforcement back all the power to shoot any low life which is most black people (let’s be honest) if you run theirs a reason why cuz your guilty and even if you don’t have a gun but you act like you do down you go third of all you kill someone murder someone their will be no jail time no wasting tax payers money by housing your low life piece of crap while the families suffer with a loss not if I was president you take a life guess what we take yours no death row straight to the execution no chair lethal injection oh and human rights assholes those spinless pieces of crap will no longer have a voice any group who promotes stupidity is banned you will be thrown in a island along with your lbgtwabdefghilmno gay group also gone I would make it a law either you are a man or a female like god intended you will no longer be American and be put in a boat with your queer’s fags trannies lesbos pans fairies cups sponge bobs and sent to a island away from regular Americans

1 year ago

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