cutting off my best friend

so two years back i became friends with someone who shortly became my best friend. we had insanely crazy memories together and really cared about each other. i’d call her everytime something small happened and she’d do the same. she then started dating a guy who i absolutely didn’t like. i thought he was wrong for her. anyway some months down the line after hiding it from me she told me about him. i was surprised but i was tryna be supportive. she did something (not cheating but texted someone else) early on in their relationship and he blamed it on me and blocked me. he believed i had supported and made her text someone else. fast forward to some months later, like december 2020, onwards she stopped keeping in touch cause i had gone back home due to covid. when i returned in september that’s where it really starts. i came back after 10 months and a month early, just to see her. she knew that and decided to take a nap and didn’t say anything about meeting up. her boyfriend then made plans. this cycle kept on repeating. they both would make plans and then cancel. they both indirectly and sometimes directly judge my lifestyle. they say things about the way i dress (i like wearing clubbing appropriate clothes to the club, whereas he wants his girlfriend to wear trousers to the club), she can’t stand it if i talk about my ex , or whoever i’m seeing, she can’t accept that i live my life the way i want to and she can’t. she even forces me to be like her sometimes. i’ve been thru stuff and they were never there for me when i needed them. i can’t just straight up tell her this or can i? i need a way to break it to them without being too mean and overtly emotional about it

1 year ago

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